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5 Signs Of A Bad Web Host - Ikaeblogs

Ikae Hosting - Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of your website. It is always recommended to go with a good web host so that you can get the features you need to implement cheap prices and search engine optimization, graphics and links. 

Choosing a bad web host not only affects search engine rankings, but can also be costly in the long run. The truth is that your web hosting plays a big role in your online authority. There are certain signs that can tell you if you have a bad web host. 

5 Signs Of A Bad Web Host - Terkreatif

This is a top 5 sign that you have a bad web host. 

1. Too Much Downtime 

One of the most important aspects of running a website is to make sure it's up and running. Website uptime can have a direct impact on sales and conversions. If your website is down frequently, this should be reflected in both your traffic statistics and conversions. No one wants a website that is down more than 10%. 

Every second your website is down, you are losing money. Most web hosting companies offer you the promise that your website will be available at a certain percentage of uptime. However, this is very difficult to measure because there is no way to actually see the uptime before signing up for a company account. Find a web hosting provider that guarantees 99% uptime and good customer reviews. 

2. Poor Customer Service 

The customer service for your web hosting should be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Whether you  have questions about your billing cycle, or if your site is experiencing adware, viruses, or other malfunctions, your  customer service department should be able to help you restart your site or answer  questions about your billing  account. If you can't contact the web host's customer service, there is a problem. 

A good web hosting company provides technical and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having a business that values ​​you as a customer is essential to keeping your website up-to-date and on the web. If you can't contact the customer service department of your web hosting company, it's probably time to contact your new web hosting company. 

3. Slow load times

The time it takes to load a website can be a factor in deciding whether a customer will turn to sales. There's nothing more annoying than waiting for a website to load when you can jump to another website in seconds with the click of a back button. If the website takes too long to load, the host server may have insufficient bandwidth. Inexpensive web hosting companies sell shared hosting packages to multiple websites, slowing down server processors and bandwidth, slowing down websites. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, switch web hosts. 

4. Inadequate Security

The security of your website must be top notch. If your web host does not provide features such as firewall technology, antivirus software, antimalware applications, etc., you run the risk of losing or being hacked. Inexpensive web hosts do not offer security applications. In other words, websites can be hacked on the Internet. 

Choose a web host that offers the highest security to protect your information and data. When operating an online store, keep in mind that not only is your data compromised, but your customers' data is also compromised. Contact the web hosting company that provides you and your customers with the appropriate security features needed to keep the data on the server secure. 

5. Lack of features

Web hosting company features must match the monthly fee. The ability to implement PHP scripts, Joomla, MediaWiki, or b2evolution technology on your website is essential to keeping up with market trends. Features such as WordPress, Drupal, and vBulletin are fairly common in most good web hosting companies. If you pay a hosting company and don't have these features or you can't install the features yourself, you need to find a new company that suits your needs. 

Web hosting is one of the most important aspects of your website. Choosing a cheap host is a disadvantage. If your web host has any of these attributes, cancel your subscription and go to a host such as HostGator.

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